The Château Haute-Nauve, Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

The Château Haute-Nauve is situated in the appellation of Saint-Emilion, in the village of Saint-Laurent des Combes.

This appellation is as famous as the village of Saint-Emilion which is classified since 1999 in the UNESCO World Heritage for its landscape.

In the beginning with only 11.50 acres, the familial propriety spreads on 23.20 acres.

In 1910, the wine of the Château had been recognized and became a prize winning wine at the Universal Exhibition of Bruxelles and several times at the Concours Général de Paris.

In 1930, a lot of cooperatives caves were created in Gironde. Many independants wine makers gave to them their harvest for the vinification and the selling.

The family REYNIER subscribed with the one in Saint-Emilion.

Since the harvest 2009, change of orientation: make the vinification directly at the propriety to value the richness of the soil and the work made.

Big investments were realised with the construction of a new cellar and all the adapted equipments.

It’s always in a familial spirit the team of Mrs REYNIER wants to restore the notoriety of the Château from before with the help of the work in reasoned culture.


Our values

  • To respect what the nature offered us
  • To respect the customer exaptation

grapes chateau haute nauve saint emilion grand cru

The soil

Château Haute-Nauve was created in the 19th century. The part the most former dates back 1864. It’s owned since 4 generations by the same family. The château is situated in the appellation of Saint-Emilion Grand Cru.

The propriety spreads on 23.50 acres on lands of clay, dark sand and limestone.

The plots are situated around the château upon the city of Saint-Laurent des Combes. A selection of the best plots is consecrated for the cuvee “Son Altesse de Haute-Nauve” which represents 4.94 acres. They benefit of an excellent quality of soil, being situated in the side of a hillside with a very good period of sunshine.


Density of plantation: over 12500 vine stock per acre

Average age of vines: 45 years


The family REYNIER runs another vineyard in a distance of 4.35 miles on the city of Sainte-Colombe.

They’ve got 17.30 acres. The château vinify those wines in Bordeaux Rouge and Bordeaux Rosé.

Since 2009, Marie-Anne REYNIER resumed the vineyard in hands. She undertook big investments to create a new cellar to vinify the wine directly in the château.

grapes chateau haute nauve saint emilion grand cru